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Ayurvedic Syrups

Our business has been an eminent maker of herbal solutions and items. It readies the wide assortment of Ayurvedic Syrups with astounding quality and prolonged time span of usability. These are helpful in relieving infections, particularly that are constant in nature. The syrups are characteristic invulnerability supporter offered by us, they work adequately in iron insufficiency, paleness, vitamin lack, general debility, weakness and furthermore for a speedy and quick ascent in hemoglobin and RBC. Ayurvedic Syrups either can be taken according to the measurements coordinated by the doctor for the kids or grown-ups can consume 1-2 teaspoon two times per day after supper.
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Uterine Tonic

Price: MRP- 110/bottle INR

Daruhaldi (? berberis aristata) -50mg Chirata ( swetia chirayta) -50mg kababchini ( piper cubeba) -50mg Vacha ( acorus calamus) -50mg nagkesar ( mesua terrea) - 50mg Dalchini- 50mg vidang( embelia vibes)- 50mg Sonth ( zigiber officinale) - 50mg

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Platelet Booster Syrup

Price: MRP-260/bottle INR

Each 10 ml. Contains:- Ocimum sanctum 700 mg Piper nigrum 50 mg. Swertia chirayta 300 mg Tinospora cordifolia 1200 mg Carica Papaya 1500 mg Melia Azedarach 150 mg

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Liver Tonic

Price: MRP- 95/ bottle INR

Each 10 ml cantains:- Andrographis painiculate ( kamegh)- 265 mg. Picrohiza kurroa ( kutki)- 35mg. Terminalia chebula ( harar)- 500mg. Terminalia (belerica) - 100mg. Emblica officinale( amla)- 500mg. Boerhavia diffusa ( punarnava)- 500mg. Solanum nigrum ( makoy) - 500mg. Foenieulum vulgare ( saunf)- 100mg. Eclipta alba ( Bhringraj )- 500mg. Tephrosia purpurea ( sarfoonka)- 500mg. Phyllanthus niruri ( bhoomi- amla)- 500mg.

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Livonip Syrup

Price: 100.00 - 250.00 INR

A Herbal prepration of lever disorder Double strenghth formula - Andrographis paniculate( kammegh)- 265mg Picrohiza kurroa( kutki)- 35mg terminalia( harar)- 500mg Terminalia belerica( Bahera)- 100mg Emblica officinate( amla)- 500mg Boerthavia diffusa( punarnava)- 500mg

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Herbal Digestive Enzyme

Price: 100.00 - 250.00

Herbal Digestive Enzyme Pineapple flavour- Draksha- 200mg Satavari- asparagus racemosus 200mg Amla- Emblica officinalis 500mg Ashwagandha- withania somnifera 200mg Bhringraj- Fclipta alba 300 mg

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Stone Alkalizer

Price: MRP- 145/ bottle INR

Dysuria Burning micturition Oadema and generalized anasarca Non specific UTI Other urinary disorders